For the employers

In this page, we collect information for employers who would like to employ or plan to employ foreign employees. 

Hiring a foreign employee is not much different than hiring a Finnish employee. The same laws and collective agreements apply to the employer when employing a foreigner. At the same time, an important difference is the foreign employee' s residence permit, which is determined by his or her nationality: EU and EEA citizens can work in Finland without a worker's residence permit. Citizens of other countries need a residence permit, which is applied at the Finnish Immigration Service.

- KATE experts are in contact with companies and discuss with their entrepreneurs the development needs ml. internationality and the need for labor.

- The employer is going to receive information on issues related to the employment of a foreign employee.

- KATE experts will support, in the first working days both the employees and the companies’ representatives. 

- For business customers, the work coach will organize for the companies information sessions on foreign labour; as well it will be ensured that the new employee adjusts to the new work environment. 

In the MATERIAL BANK, you will find useful links for the employers.