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Why Otava Folk High School

Located in the heart of the Lakeland district of eastern Finland, Otava Folk High School has served students from near and afar for over 120 years. Folk high schools are learning institutions where one can broaden one's horizons, social insights as well as get more confidence in oneself. Learning is a lifelong process. Diversity is one area where we draw many of our strengths.

The education-for-all ideal is linked to our Nordic welfare state values. Everyone in our society has the right and opportunity during their lifetime to study and receive quality education. At Otava Folk High School adults can major as well in music (band) as well as enroll in a number of other courses. Our visual arts classes are especially popular in the summertime.

Otava Folk High School is actively applying phenomena based teaching and learning. This pedagogical tool aims to expand the student's knowledge outside of the classroom.

Online Comprehensive and Online Upper Secondary School

No matter how old you are, it is never too late to learn and complete a degree. Finishing your comprehensive or upper secondary school studies can be done at your pace and from the comfort of your home. Some of our students live and work in foreign countries as well as on campus.

Upper Secondary School

If you don’t fancy studying online you can apply to Otava Upper Secondary School. As opposed to to the online upper secondary school, students can attend courses on campus. Study at your own pace with guidance from teachers.

Preparatory Education for General Upper Secondary Education (LUVA)

Finnish high schools are demanding and require a good knowledge of the Finnish language. Preparatory high school aims at giving the student the necessary Finnish language and learning skills to succeed in high school.

Apply here. Certain proficiency level in Finnish is required.

Comprehensive School Programme for Students with Immigrant Backgrouds

We are the only school in the Region of Mikkeli that offers a comprehensive school programme for students with immigrant backgrounds. Finnish culture and immigrant orientation courses form part of our school programme. Education is an important bridge-builder between cultures.

Apply here. Certain proficiency level in Finnish is required.

Preparatory Comprehensive School Programme for Students with Immigrant Backgrouds

Students with immigrant backgrounds who still have to improve their Finnish language skills can apply in preparatory comprehensive school, which aims to make the most of their studies. After finishing comprehensive school, a student can apply in vocational or upper secondary school.

Apply here. Certain proficiency level in Finnish is required.

Otava Academy

Otava Academy is a forum that prepares students with multicultural backgrounds for a career path in Finland by working in cooperation with companies. We believe that the synergies that can be found between students and companies will not only benefit both parties but the community as well by creating jobs opportunities, innovation and growth.


Otava Folk High School is involved in a number of projects in pedagogy, information and communications technology, and social media with partners from Finland and abroad.